::wandering:: a little weekend up north

these boys have the coolest name for their action figures EVER. Dudes. like mom says, "all right, where's your dudes?" ...and they know the (correct) names for every.single.one. love these kids!
man, oh, man, do we miss GRASS! sometimes i dream about grass. and sub-ninety-eight degree temperatures. dreams come true up north!
this guy is a manly man. like sooo manly. beyond manly. i am a lucky girl.


Anonymous said...

from V
The little guys are so cute and the photo with his toes in the air make me "wish summer would never end".
What is C making & who is the lucky person he is making it for?

Lisa said...

These kids are seriously cute. Not sure who they are. But SO cute. And "dudes" is, in fact, the best name ever for action figures. We may have to adopt it. I'm curious too what hubs is making. I hope it's a playhouse for those cute kiddos!

liso. said...

...we went up north on a triple mission...birthday party for one nephew (only ::he:: got to attend), work trip for me, and helping put together a swingset for two other nephews. ::he:: helped put together the swingset. i enjoyed the grass and took pictures.

Balagna Bunch said...

and the boys love the swingset. thanks so much for helping us out, chad. and thanks for taking the pictures, alison.

The Ringer Family said...

that pic of Cole is sooo cute! you've got an amazing talent for picture taking!

Dave and Lindsey said...

Is he really that manly???

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