I really do…and this one was no exception. My good friend, Kimber-Net, came and stayed with us for a couple of nights on her way to a new job with the Air Force in Clovis, NM. We’d hoped to get in some hiking and a trip to Zion, but a funeral smack dab in the middle nixed those plans.

So what’s a natural second? Making quilts, of course. Kimber had mentioned that she wanted to try her hand at making a quilt and I told her I’d help as much as I could. So…at 4:30 Friday afternoon, with only an hour to choose fabric, we made a mad dash to our local quilting store and Kimber picked out some killer prints. (I am so in love with the panel she used that I’m going to back to get one and do another project.). I worked on some baby quilts to use up some fabric that I’ve had for about a YEAR, and worked a couple of other projects for that 2nd bedroom. More pics to come later!

Late Saturday night: PROJECT COMPLETE just in time for her 9 am departure Sunday morning. Good luck with your new job, Kimber, and come back anytime! Here’s the proof:

Chad worked on several very MAN*ly projects (new walls on a trailer that he recently re-decked, a new workbench for his garage [which makes me think "mmmm, organization!"] and cleaning out his garage... but let's be serious... Casey and Jenny were down, so of course, there was MAN*ly paintballing, too!


Anonymous said...

Sew FUN. I love Kim's quilt-the colors and the design panel in the middle. What a whirlwind-(hurricane??)of a weekend. You ladies got so much done!! The quilt looks even better in person than in the photo. It is beautiful. A wonderful accomplishment for her first project>
I also love the other quilt in your third photo. Can I come for a long weekend? love V

a. said...

Mom! Don't tease me! You know I'm dying for you to come for a long weekend...!!!!!!!!

The Ringer Family said...

I really like those flowers in Kim's quilt, and I'm loving the pink and greens in the others, how fun!

Melody said...

Wow! Those are beautiful! It makes me want to try it out. Although I have absolutley no sewing experience ;). Thanks for all your great comments. You are always a great commenter ;). Have a great night!

Amber said...

I love that flower. Great colours. You like my British spelling? ~Amber

Erich and Kara said...

Wow! I can't believe that was a one weekend project! That quilt is absolutely beautiful. I had no idea what a crafty chica you are You hid your talent there in Africa!

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