I am VERY excited.

  • Today I found out that my folks are coming to visit this weekend! Yea!
  • Yesterday I ordered three new books from half.com ... at the recommendation of dt, I'm waiting on *eat pray love* and *water for elephants* ... can't wait!
  • We're leaving for Boston in less than one month. AND honey just booked our b&b on martha's vineyard!


Anonymous said...

Ooh "eat, pray, love". You're toast. I give you 19 hours before you've booked a flight somewhere. Love ya!


the Rew Crew said...

I started Water for Elephants on Sunday afternoon and stayed up till 2:30 am to finish it. I was hooked! It's good--the circus life back then was RAUNCHY--but I loved it anyway.

Becca said...

You'll have to critique those books when you're finished! I've wondered about both of them.

When are you going to be in Boston? I'm going to be in Boston in less than a month, too! I think we're alsogoing to Martha's Vineyard!

Anna said...

how exciting! are you going for fun? that's awesome!

liso. said...

becca - that would be awesome if we were out there at the same time! we're going to stay most of the time with chad's sister, and we're going on oct. 7th. you? are you staying with leah?

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