::wandering:: a little weekend up north

these boys have the coolest name for their action figures EVER. Dudes. like mom says, "all right, where's your dudes?" ...and they know the (correct) names for every.single.one. love these kids!
man, oh, man, do we miss GRASS! sometimes i dream about grass. and sub-ninety-eight degree temperatures. dreams come true up north!
this guy is a manly man. like sooo manly. beyond manly. i am a lucky girl.


::read:: confessions:: jane austen

i just finished reading jane austen's persuasion. and i cannot believe that i have never read any of her books before. don't get me wrong: i've started several. just never finished any. i've also watched many, many of the jane austen movies many, many times (with anjo-banjo as a roommate, it would have been impossible to get thru one year at the bd & a without them) but no book.
but now i see the error of my ways. i will read more jane austen. because she is so.good. so now i'm totally curious. they're supposed to be the epitome of girl-reads, but i don't really know anyone who reads her. so spit it out. if you are a girl and you are reading this blog, no matter who you are, tell me, how many jane austen novels have you read? any? none? all? working on them? recommendations?


::home:: our first bicycle date.

bicycle date [bahy-si-kuhl deyt] n: a social appointment or engagement with another person, taking place on a vehicle with two wheels in tandem, usually propelled by pedals connected to the rear wheel by a chain, and having handlebars for steering and a saddlelike seat v: the act of bicycle dating

Tonight we had our very first. (because you see, I just very recently inherited a BICYCLE! - more later) We rode our bicycles downtown to an outdoor concert put on by our local songwriterassociation. There were two bands that played and it was delightful. Add to that some twinkle lights, green grass, twisted breadsticks, a lemonade, and thai iced tea... a perfect evening. Thanks, love!
::photo:: actually art, find here


::home:: my little (closet) office

Just needs curtains.

::home:: strawbale update

Steps 1-4 are now complete on my first attempt at building a strawbale structure.

The foundation is finally in place and the building is beginning to come together. Alison's parents (M and D) were able to come and lend a hand for the exciting day. Several people from work showed up and we made quick work of the cement.


::home:: thanks for the visit, mom & dad

This last weekend, we finally got to see Mere & Pere again...it feels like its been forever!

we've been trying to get a visit together for several weeks, and none of the weekends were working out, but they ultimately decided to come last weekend. mom came in on friday afternoon, and the two of us spent the next two days visiting every quilting shop in town! dad got in later on saturday night, chad got home sunday night, and then all four of us had a leisurely day off on monday(mostly. minus the broken pipe incident.). tuesday, they both came out to work with us (!!!) and helped lay a cement foundation for the strawbale strucutres chad is working on (more on that later). it was sooooo fun to have them here, and we kept trying to convince them for "just one more day". thanks again for the visit, and come back ANYtime you can! we love you!


I read this post.

I saw this party kit.

How could I not send it?
...maybe you could try this cake, too?

I love your monkey-face!



I was going to college at Utah State University. I'd just moved into a new house and we didn't have a working television. I woke up early and started my day normally, tho a bit ahead of schedule. I was headed to the student center to use the computer lab, but just outside the lab was a TV monitor with a group of students gathered, standing, watching. It was still early, just around 7 am, so there weren't a lot of people on campus, yet, but the terrible events of 9/11 were just unfolding. I believe the first flight had just crashed into the WTC, and everyone just stood there, watching it happen again and again.

I can remember thinking that it looked like some CG special effects, something that happens in the movies, not something that happens in real life. Next came the report of the second plane, headed for the WTC. I remember President Bush speaking, informing the country of an apparent terrorist attack. The crowd in the student union kept growing. As new students would come in and ask what was happening, others would answer in hushed tones. It was a quiet, solemn group, including both students and teachers. The helplessness and shock was evident on everyone's face. No one felt like moving, and I think I stood there for close to two hours, just watching the events unfold.
Reports continued to come in, explaining in sketchy detail news about another flight that crashed into the Pentagon & its subsequent evacuation. Then news of the White House evacuation, the United Nations evacuation, President Bush's removal, and the shutdown of all U.S. flights. Next was more news, another flight, this time crashed in Pennsylvania. It seemed never-ending...it was hard to justify our quiet lives in our quiet town with our trivial problems next to the destruction that was unfolding before us. And all we could do was stand there and watch, all the while with more pictures and video of the WTC and the Pentagon collapsing.

I tried to call home, but couldn't get through..."all circuits are busy."
I finallly went to class. The class was small, everyone was distracted, and the Professor dismissed us early. Everywhere that there were televisions on campus, there were large groups of the student body, all watching in silence.

Like everyone, my thoughts instantly went to my family & loved ones. I eventually went home, hoping to be close to a phone so that I could talk to my Mom and Dad and hear that everything was all right. It was. Dad had been traveling, but not on the East coast. He was in the airport when the news hit, and instantly headed for a rental car place, and started driving.

Our country, MY country. We all mourned together over the losses and celebrated the bravery. For a short while, everyone came together, united by a common enemy. Patriotism was even in style. Today, let's remember our country. Let's remember our common ground, and the things that make the places that we live wonderful.

Let's remember.

photo credit by ses7


Last Weekend's PROJECT-O

The Before & The After


I am VERY excited.

  • Today I found out that my folks are coming to visit this weekend! Yea!
  • Yesterday I ordered three new books from half.com ... at the recommendation of dt, I'm waiting on *eat pray love* and *water for elephants* ... can't wait!
  • We're leaving for Boston in less than one month. AND honey just booked our b&b on martha's vineyard!


aw, puppies!

Thanks for the idea, Ms.RewCrew! She did pics of her kids, and I, of course, did pics of the puppies. I know it's been kind of an overload of puppy pictures lately, so I apologize, but hey, their names are up there, too! I used the photo of the d-o-g-s that my friend IndieAnna took a few months back, and look how cute!


when you refer to me...

please incorporate the term "twenty-something" as much as possible. i just realized i only have about two months left in this decade... i know 'they' say that thirties are the new twenties, but that can never be. thirties are thirties. twenties are twenties.



Tuesday morning at 8 am, Nyabo had her stitches removed…and everything looked fine! To celebrate, Chad took her and Wrigs out to the field while he’s doing some building project-os for work for the next three days. I went out to spend the night with them last night…it’s only Day One and both puppies are already pooped…it's going to be quiet this weekend.



I really do…and this one was no exception. My good friend, Kimber-Net, came and stayed with us for a couple of nights on her way to a new job with the Air Force in Clovis, NM. We’d hoped to get in some hiking and a trip to Zion, but a funeral smack dab in the middle nixed those plans.

So what’s a natural second? Making quilts, of course. Kimber had mentioned that she wanted to try her hand at making a quilt and I told her I’d help as much as I could. So…at 4:30 Friday afternoon, with only an hour to choose fabric, we made a mad dash to our local quilting store and Kimber picked out some killer prints. (I am so in love with the panel she used that I’m going to back to get one and do another project.). I worked on some baby quilts to use up some fabric that I’ve had for about a YEAR, and worked a couple of other projects for that 2nd bedroom. More pics to come later!

Late Saturday night: PROJECT COMPLETE just in time for her 9 am departure Sunday morning. Good luck with your new job, Kimber, and come back anytime! Here’s the proof:

Chad worked on several very MAN*ly projects (new walls on a trailer that he recently re-decked, a new workbench for his garage [which makes me think "mmmm, organization!"] and cleaning out his garage... but let's be serious... Casey and Jenny were down, so of course, there was MAN*ly paintballing, too!
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