Alison and I got a chance to hang out with my brother Ryan, his wife Camie, and their two boys Colton and Carter. They have been living in College Station, Texas for the last year and are now moving back to Utah. We spent a couple of days with them during their pit-stop and Mom and Dad's house. The boys were so much fun. Colton (4) is such a sweet kid and so good with Carter (2) who wants to be just like his big brother. They kept us entertained with Star Wars books, Lightsaber fights, teaching us the ways of the Jedi, and of course using the FORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRCE. I think the true Jedi master in the family however, is Ryan. He can name every obscure character and give each one's back story with superhuman detail.

Between carefully choreographed battles, we all had a chance to hang out at the reservoir and do some geocaching (the boys other favorite thing). Colton set a new family record by finding 7 caches in a single day.

All in all it was a great couple of days that wore us out. We are so excited to have them close again and look forward to spending a lot more time with them.


Ryan said...

The boys had a great time. Thanks for taking some pictures of them.

Erich and Kara said...

Okay so I am exposing my ignorance here but what is Geocaching? I love the picture with the tongue. I am sure those boys think you two are the best aunt and uncle! Glad you got to spend some time with the family, that is always fun!

The Ringer Family said...

Ditto to that entry - and yeehaw!

Anonymous said...

Yeaaaaa! for Colton. Did he find blue candy in the cache and share it with his Aunt and Uncle? (Or have I not quite grasped the cache prizes?)
Looks like the dogs got to have fun that day too. What a wonderful time with your wonderful family! vickie

a. said...

It was super fun!

Kara- You would totally LOVE geocaching! It's like treasure hunting with GPS. There's tons of websites that have lat/longs for these "caches" and everytime you go and find one, you can take a little something that's been left there and and then leave something there. You guys should totally check it out.

Mom - No, it could totally be a candy prize...but you might not want to eat it because you wouldn't know how long it'd been there...most of the time it's little plastic figurines or plastic money, or toys, etc., usually really small. We ate snowcones! (Colton got JediKnight flavor...:)

a. said...
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