...getting to know all about you... Is that song from the "King and I"? I can't remember. Regardless... Check out the mosaics that Chad and I made and learn just a little more about us. This is just a something I found while acting as a top secret BlogSpy. I'll post directions under the pics if you want to make your own, but make sure to leave a comment if you do it, so that we can check out your mosaics!

Guess which is Chad's and which is mine...? To create your own mosaic, type your answer to the questions below into Flickr Search Using only the first page, pick an image and then copy and paste the URL for each image into fd's mosaic maker
1. ...name?
2. ...favorite drink?
3. ...high school?
4. ...favorite food?
5. ...favorite color?
6. ...celebrity crush?
7. ...dream vacation?
8. ...dream vocation?
9. ...favorite dessert?
10. ...thing you can't live without?
11. ...screen name?
12. ...characteristic you wish you didnt have?


the Rew Crew said...

I love BHL! Until I am proficient at Photoshop I am going to use them to artsy up my house.

And as soon as I get around to that mosaic thingy I'll let you know.

The Ringer Family said...

I'm gonna attempt this now!

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