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so we have finally finished reading this little book and i would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone...it's one of those little pocket-sized books. it's a simple question and answer format...we just took it on our way to work and would read a few questions on the way up and on the way home. very clear answer to basic financial questions and gives you some MAJOR hope for your financial future. it's a great way to open up some discussion about your finances, or just gives you some answers to things you've always wondered about...

okay, love.in.the.time.of.cholera. i'll be honest. this is not a quick, easy, or fast read. it probably took me about 3 months to finish and i'm typically a pretty fast reader. my friend left it for me after finishing it while she stayed with us, and she had the same experience. it truly is beautifully written, but it does get very detailed. usually, when books get to be too much for me, i skip over those uber-detailed paragraphs, but with this, i really WANTED to take the time to read it. so it's quality, but sometimes slightly painful. i know, i know, not really a great review. it is a good book, though, curious characters, and a sweet ending.

So. ANYONE who is interested in either of those books, just leave a comment, send me an email, or call and leave me a voicemail, and we'll send them out to whoever says they want it first...just sharing the love!


Anna said...

oh, oh, pick me! i'd love those if they're still available - and would you like some books of mine? have you read secret life of bees?

the Rew Crew said...

I totally want to read Ramsey! My friend is a Ramsey following zealot who has a testimony of his teachings and I keep telling her I'll read some of his stuff so if it's available that would be great.

As for Cholera, well, didn't you think the guy was a little (or a lot) pervy?

a. said...

okay, ladies. anna, you're in. sarah, don't scare anna away from cholera. but, yes, a tiny bit pervy, but only at the end with his last love.

anna, cholera came from dawn. if you decide not to finish it, no worries, just pass it along, or DI it.

...and i'll stick sarah's address inside the dave ramsey book, so if you can send it along to her when you're done, that'd be awesome.

So. Both send me your current physical address... thanks for helping clear out our mess!

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