Today is a day that I’ve been dreading since April 19, 2005. This morning at 8:00 we took Nyabo in to the Animal Hospital and dropped her off for the day. She did not eat after 10pm last night and she only drank a little this morning. You know what I’m talking about. Today Nyabo got fixed. When we picked her up this afternoon, these were her instructions:

1. Keep her away from the stitches. If she starts to nibble, put a little t shirt on her. The first 48 hours are the most important.
2. Keep her inside for 24 hours…the anesthesia makes it so she can’t self-regulate her temperature.
3. Feed her only a teeny bit of food. If she keeps it down, a little more an hour later. Continue until she’s up to a full dose after 24 hours. Same with waer.
4. Keep her quiet for 7-10 days (Haha! The nurse kind of laughed when she said this.)
5. Come back in 10 days to remove stitches.
6. If she’s in a lot of pain, give low dose aspirin.
7. No bath for 10 days.

Poor little Nyabo. I knew it would be rough on both of us, but I didn’t realize how rough. The little thing can barely lay down. She’s got a very glazed over look, and doesn’t really seem to have a grasp on anything that’s going on. She just looks so pitiful that it makes me so sad.

On a brighter note, they were so helpful at the doctors office. When we dropped her off, they offered us a blood screen to make sure there won’t be any problems. Nyabo is just at the in-between age when they don’t recommend it but still give you the option. We decided to go ahead and do it (suckers!). While she was out, they did her vaccinations. But when we picked her up, they didn’t charge us for the pre-screening OR her vaccinations! I feel so bad for not doing this earlier! Poor Nyabbies.


Anonymous said...

Oh poor little sweet sweet. I'd say give it? (jk. not really. snort.) godiva but maybe it's just best that we keep that as my secret pick me up remedy... love you!!


Anonymous said...

okay, just re-read comment. cold and calloused **tch! give her a hug for me. sick kiddos are hard. :)


Balagna Bunch said...

OUCH. poor little girl. I hope mom, dad, and baby make it through.

Anonymous said...

I was going to say that it's a good thing your dog is stoned, and even if it looks pitiful, better stoned that feeling your nuts gone.

But then I read everyone else's comments, and I guess it's a girl, so I don't have any opinion.


Erich and Kara said...

That is a killer picture...she looks so sad. Were you originally thinking of breeding her? Hopefully she'll start perking up soon...that can't be a fun surgery.

a. said...

okay, nyabo seems to be returning to her regular, old, waggy self. I'll probably keep her on a leash for at least two more days, but her attitude is back!!! missed you, nyabbies!

Anna said...

awww, poor sweetie!

Anonymous said...

Nayboo still takes a great pic even though she is sickly. Hope you two are on the mend by now. Love vickie

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