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so we have finally finished reading this little book and i would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone...it's one of those little pocket-sized books. it's a simple question and answer format...we just took it on our way to work and would read a few questions on the way up and on the way home. very clear answer to basic financial questions and gives you some MAJOR hope for your financial future. it's a great way to open up some discussion about your finances, or just gives you some answers to things you've always wondered about...

okay, love.in.the.time.of.cholera. i'll be honest. this is not a quick, easy, or fast read. it probably took me about 3 months to finish and i'm typically a pretty fast reader. my friend left it for me after finishing it while she stayed with us, and she had the same experience. it truly is beautifully written, but it does get very detailed. usually, when books get to be too much for me, i skip over those uber-detailed paragraphs, but with this, i really WANTED to take the time to read it. so it's quality, but sometimes slightly painful. i know, i know, not really a great review. it is a good book, though, curious characters, and a sweet ending.

So. ANYONE who is interested in either of those books, just leave a comment, send me an email, or call and leave me a voicemail, and we'll send them out to whoever says they want it first...just sharing the love!


::home:: YOUR room!

I've started working on the second bedroom in the last couple of weeks. Let me correct: the REAL work (painting, drywalling, installing switches, fans, shades, etc) is already done. I've started the FUN in the second bedroom. It's going to need to serve several purposes, since we're only a 2-roomer. My office is going to be in the closet (and I am soooo excited about it) and it's going to be our guest room. I want it to be fun and comfortable since I'll be spending so much time in there, and also be a place where our guests enjoy staying. It should be kiddo-friendly...we've got lots of nieces and nephews and a lot of our friends have piddles, so I want it to be a fun, happy place for them to go, too. (The rest of our house is kind of lame for kids, I'll be honest. If they don't like dogs, we're a flop!).

The room is painted a very light green color. I want my main accents to be blue and brown. So far I've done only one thing. I got these SUPER cool wall stickers at IKEA that are a dark green outline of a tree.... and I've been bookmarking tons of really great wall decor...Im going to ask for your advice on some of these things. I found these on Etsy by sarahjanestudios and I just LOVE them, but I'm not sure if they're too girly... but I don't actually know if I care! What do you think?

I LOVE them! Would you be happy to wake up in a room with these on the wall? I'll be posting more ideas later, so give me your feedback! I'm trying not to be too OCD with this project and take my time so that I know I'll love everything I choose.
My main project right now in the room is the closet. We've added the 'desk' and I have a shoe organizer as my 'stuff holder', but still need to put up some curtains, get a magnetic board hung, paint a chair, etc. You can see updates on this project down on the leftside under Alison's Project-os. Then I'll work more on decorating the rest of the room...



Today is a day that I’ve been dreading since April 19, 2005. This morning at 8:00 we took Nyabo in to the Animal Hospital and dropped her off for the day. She did not eat after 10pm last night and she only drank a little this morning. You know what I’m talking about. Today Nyabo got fixed. When we picked her up this afternoon, these were her instructions:

1. Keep her away from the stitches. If she starts to nibble, put a little t shirt on her. The first 48 hours are the most important.
2. Keep her inside for 24 hours…the anesthesia makes it so she can’t self-regulate her temperature.
3. Feed her only a teeny bit of food. If she keeps it down, a little more an hour later. Continue until she’s up to a full dose after 24 hours. Same with waer.
4. Keep her quiet for 7-10 days (Haha! The nurse kind of laughed when she said this.)
5. Come back in 10 days to remove stitches.
6. If she’s in a lot of pain, give low dose aspirin.
7. No bath for 10 days.

Poor little Nyabo. I knew it would be rough on both of us, but I didn’t realize how rough. The little thing can barely lay down. She’s got a very glazed over look, and doesn’t really seem to have a grasp on anything that’s going on. She just looks so pitiful that it makes me so sad.

On a brighter note, they were so helpful at the doctors office. When we dropped her off, they offered us a blood screen to make sure there won’t be any problems. Nyabo is just at the in-between age when they don’t recommend it but still give you the option. We decided to go ahead and do it (suckers!). While she was out, they did her vaccinations. But when we picked her up, they didn’t charge us for the pre-screening OR her vaccinations! I feel so bad for not doing this earlier! Poor Nyabbies.



...getting to know all about you... Is that song from the "King and I"? I can't remember. Regardless... Check out the mosaics that Chad and I made and learn just a little more about us. This is just a something I found while acting as a top secret BlogSpy. I'll post directions under the pics if you want to make your own, but make sure to leave a comment if you do it, so that we can check out your mosaics!

Guess which is Chad's and which is mine...? To create your own mosaic, type your answer to the questions below into Flickr Search Using only the first page, pick an image and then copy and paste the URL for each image into fd's mosaic maker
1. ...name?
2. ...favorite drink?
3. ...high school?
4. ...favorite food?
5. ...favorite color?
6. ...celebrity crush?
7. ...dream vacation?
8. ...dream vocation?
9. ...favorite dessert?
10. ...thing you can't live without?
11. ...screen name?
12. ...characteristic you wish you didnt have?


My Buhnunny

Just in case people don't realize, I have the best wife in the whole world. I probably don't let her know that enough which means I definately don't let other people know that enough. I really do love her and feel so blessed to have her as my wife. I love you, Crazy.


I just love the Olympics.

I have always loved the Olympics. I love the tears, the pride, the emotion, the unity. It’s all the feel-good-stuff that I just can’t get enough of.

My enthusiasm for the Olympics is different now than it used to be. Like many Utahns, I got to participate more closely with the Olympics when they were in Salt Lake City in 2002. I had a once-in-a-lifetime chance to work for the SLOC for five months surrounding the Olympic and Paralympic Games and to participate as a spectator at several of the sporting and entertaining events. Watching the Olympics on TV is awesome and still gives you a sense of the Games, but you have the commentator’s critiques and tend to view it with more of an eye of judgment. Actually being at the events allows you to feel the true support and camaraderie that is part of the Olympic spirit and how incredibly strong it is.

One of my favorite moments during the 2002 games was a long distance cross country event. The athlete that finished last was from some warm weather country and had had little training in actual conditions. He crossed the finish line about an hour and a half after the others, but the spectators, other athletes, announcers, and Olympic personnel cheered him on to the finish line like he was the gold medal winner. There were few critiques at any events I attended. Actually, it was the opposite; if an athlete made a mistake, instead of pointing it out or quoting deductions or histories, the announcers merely ask everyone in the crowd to cheer to show their support. No matter WHAT country the athlete was from…

The Olympics start with the Opening Ceremony when every country walks in waving its colors, but the REAL appeal for me and the true “Olympic Spirit” are those moments of triumph when we, as human beings, root for each competitor to succeed and cheer no failure, no matter what color their flag, no matter what color their skin, no matter what the ideals of their government.

At least that’s what I think. What do you think?



Alison and I got a chance to hang out with my brother Ryan, his wife Camie, and their two boys Colton and Carter. They have been living in College Station, Texas for the last year and are now moving back to Utah. We spent a couple of days with them during their pit-stop and Mom and Dad's house. The boys were so much fun. Colton (4) is such a sweet kid and so good with Carter (2) who wants to be just like his big brother. They kept us entertained with Star Wars books, Lightsaber fights, teaching us the ways of the Jedi, and of course using the FORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRCE. I think the true Jedi master in the family however, is Ryan. He can name every obscure character and give each one's back story with superhuman detail.

Between carefully choreographed battles, we all had a chance to hang out at the reservoir and do some geocaching (the boys other favorite thing). Colton set a new family record by finding 7 caches in a single day.

All in all it was a great couple of days that wore us out. We are so excited to have them close again and look forward to spending a lot more time with them.


...DEFINITELY check this out...

Introducing The Mollies… unfortunately I couldn’t get blogger to link this video (#&@$**), so you’re going to have to click over.

If you like it (and you will!) you can find a link (on the left under .Good.RealGood.) to their webpage where you can listen to their other songs. You can also find their music on iTunes.

Amazing vocals, Mile in a refrigerator (interested now?), catchy tune - What are you still doing here? Click over!
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