::challenge:: WE'RE OFF SWEET TREATS

for ten days now. The first day Chad said he had a headache. Pshaw, I thought. That is totally all in your head…a headache 12 hours after you stop eating sugar. Three days later, when I started getting headaches, I felt silly. Four days after that, when I was STILL getting headaches (they started late afternoon and lasted until I went to bed), I admitted it. I was having sugar withdrawals.

One day I saw a banana peel in the trash can and my mind told me it was a Charleston Chew wrapper. Later that day, I walked past an office and thought I saw a big delicious bag of black jelly beans. I’m pretty sure it was just a stapler.

Hello, my name is Alison, and I’m addicted to sugar.


Dave and Lindsey said...

10 days! I'm impressed. I could never do that, although it's not a bad idea. Stay strong!!

The Ringer Family said...

hilarious! I did a week without chocolate and THAT was tough, I could still have other sugar junk...be strong!!;)

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