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Okay, out here in the 'West', rodeos are serious business. Especially rural west. These sisters are in the "Royal Court" for their town. I'm new to all of this, but apparently, this is big. These girls travel a (local) rodeo circuit, wearing all of their getup, including their crowns (that's what's on their hats), their belt buckles (yes, they're big) and their sashes. At the rodeos, they walk around with pictures and SIGN THEM (!!!) for all of the little girls who want to grow up to be rodeo queens. Apparently, Mom wasn't happy with the original pictures, though, so the night before the BIGGEST rodeo (hometown - Pioneer Day), we went out to re-do their pictures so they would be ready. It was really fun to go out with them and feel how excited they were for their big day!Mom said that when the Rodeo Queen woke the morning of Pioneer Day, she walked down the hallway, stretching, and said, "I've been waiting for this day my whole life!" Remember how BIG those big moments were as a pre-teen? I died laughing when she told me this...And isn't she cute? She's the sweetest girl and it's easy to see why she's "Miss Congeniality"!



Anna said...

awesome shots - way to go!

Anonymous said...

This is a question. Did you take these beautiful photos? Will you take mine? Bring the hat, crown,sash, & buckle .Love Vickie

a. said...

Yes, thank you, I did take them. And, Mom, I think you would look great in a hat, crown, and sash!!! (My Mom is smokin'!)

The Ringer Family said...

You're amazing. I think your phot shoot with Junie really paid off;)

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