::wandering:: a version of a father/son campout

In our line of work, people have to be available 24x7. This week, a friend of ours was headed back east for a wedding and asked me to cover the weekend for him. It was something that I was looking forward to for a while because it would give me some insight into other aspects of our work. So my title was Weekend Director. Basically, I make sure that the wheels don't fall off the program while everyone else gets some time off.

I decided to take Wrigley with me and decided to call it our father/son campout. We had a lot of fun and got a ton of work done. We spent Friday night at the cabin that the company owns and got an early start in the morning. I put my SCA experience into practice with a fuels reduction project at the radio repeater, cut a truck load of wood for the upcoming graduation, and helped kids with fires.

So there you have it, our version of a father/son campout.


Balagna Bunch said...

Cute picture. The boys can't wait to see you both soon!

Dave and Lindsey said...

Cute! You look very handsome in that picture.

The Ringer Family said...

nice pic you ruggedly handsome- handsome. I'm glad you were able to get so much done

a. said...

I know! I just have to echo these comments...my guys are soooooooo handsome!

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