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So this weekend we went to our local AA baseball game. (Keep in mind where we live...yeah, seriously 110 degrees at night. Oh, no, wait...I exagerate...it was only 100 degrees by the time the game was over!) Anyway, it's the first time we've been and we actually think we'll probably go back, in spite of the heat. It was a ton of fun, ESPECIALLY because it was StarWars night, or something. I'm actually not sure what was going on, but this is what we saw all night long. We had Storm Troopers, Darth Vader, Chewbacca (sp?), Obi-One (sp?), and some guy with a darth vader-esque head, also dressed in black with a hose thing of some sort? Chad told me it was a bad guy from the first movie. We were missing Colton and Carter, knowing they would be able to fill us in on the details of each character...maybe soon!

All in all, very entertaining. Small town excitement :)


Balagna Bunch said...

The boys are so excited but Colton wanted to see pictures of the other guys! Carter and Colt are so excited to see you guys in about 2 weeks! Love ya.

Ryan said...

No, you did spell Chewbacca right; I won't tell the boys you didn't spell "Obi-One" right; and the person with the "darth vader-esque head" would either be a pilot from the Imperial TIE Fighter, or the "bad guy" who followed Luke and Obi-Wan when they were in Mos Eisley contracting Han and Chewbacca to fly them to Alderaan. Hope that helps.

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