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Sushi Favorites: Always order a Rock 'n' Roll
So a couple of weeks ago, Chad's sister, Tara, and her family came out to visit from Mass...it was great to have them around and be able to play with our nieces that we don't get to see very often. It happened that they were here for Chad's birthday, so after our (delicious) dinner, we headed up to Bud & Barb's for Dairy Queen ice cream (mmmm) cake with the fam. We knew at that point we only had one more week of sugar, so we ::savored:: the ice cream cake.

Chad's Birthday Wish

Abby & Maddy enjoying their cake...it's serious business.


The Ringer Family said...

cute pics, I especially love the dress ups on Abby & Maddy. Ice Cream Cake, YUM!

Jennica said...

Sounds like so much fun! Did you make the sushi? It looks AMAZING and really yummy!!!

a. said...

Jenn- Ha! I WISH I could make sushi...I made some once in a botany class that I took, but that's it...if you know, I'd love a lesson!

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