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Okay, so maybe not here. This is our front entry...check out that shag carpet! It was so beautiful that Chad really had to convince me to get rid of it. It was a moment of real contention in our marriage. We've pulled up all carpet over the entire house, and, as you can see, have not done anything else to our stairs. I think we're going to clean up the wood and then put down a laquer/stain like they do on bars (like in a bar), so it will look sorta similar to our floor, where you can see all of the imperfections. Another thing to notice: in the before picture, that wall on the right is a cinder block wall. Ugh! Seriously, folks? We plastered over the entire wall (and it's a big one! it goes up to our second floor, visible the whole way up!) with mud, smoothed it out and painted. Goodbye, Cinder Block!

This is a view of what you see when you look to the left....living room. Not much to say except: Isn't that puppy just the cutest? Obviously, these were taken at Christmastime, but she just kept setting herself up to pose in these pictures. She knows she's cute. Oh yeah, our floors. We ripped out the carpet down to the concrete and we (read: Chad) stained the floor, so we now have (TA-DA) stained concrete and it is awesome! We definitely learned a few things, but love it, especially with the puppies. You can see a lighter colored stripe in the background that is part of why I love the floor. There's lots of random little places in the floor with variations in color and even some texture.

Obviously, just under the stairs. The puppy corner. Nyabo is in the first picture and Wrigley is in the second one. Very cozy and comfy under there. And how many freaking toys do two dogs need?

To the left of the stairs: Notice our new thermostat. A day to remember. That took nearly a full day to change out because the wiring was messed up from what it should have been. Poor Chad was so frustrated with it, but was determined to figure it out. He was up on the roof in July heat (read:110 degrees) trying to trace wires. Anyway, he obviously figured it out. And now it works like magic!

Our couch. Not much to say. (There's that yellow-ish looking stripe again). I put these pictures in this order, so you can kind of tell how our floor plan flows. But maybe there's just too many pictures and too many words and you're bored by now.

I love these pictures because of the contrast. Can you believe that insanely large brick back with the HUGE wood burning stove? Where we live? Are you crazy? Obviously, we pulled that sucker out and.all.the.bricks. And then we hauled them all, little by little, bucket full by bucket full. Ugh. It's a good thing it looks as good as it does, cuz it was a pain! But doesn't Nyabo look good!

So the Christmas tree is just to the right of the chairs you saw in the previous picture. We have kind of a long living room, and dining room area, all in an L shape. This is the other part of the L. This before and after picture are of the same wall, just a different angle. To the right of this little couch is our back sliding door. This was a weird wall. Underneath that frame was a wallpaper mural of a beach scene. We think this frame was supposed to be like a front porch railing that you're looking out over...seriously? Again, seriously? Wallpaper glue is a pain. Now that our Christmas tree is gone, that's where our table is.

And the view from our kitchen. I just love this little couch here!

And last one, this is kind of flipping around now, across from the Christmas tree.
So that's our living room, etc. Thanks to everyone for all of their help with everything! We had lots of help painting, paint, and more painting, electricianing, drywall, mudding, etc. and we absolutely love our little place. We still have work to do, but I love everything about it and totally think it was worth all of the hard work. Thanks again for everyone's help. We love you!


Erich and Kara said...

Wow that transformation is AMAZING!!! The place is so gorgeous now. So are you all done or are there a few more projects left? I can't wait until our place is done. Remodeling is rewarding but oh so much work.

Jennica said...

Wow...those transformations are AMAZING!!! What a lot of hard work you guys put in. =) It looks great now, really makes a huge difference! I am glad you took before and after pics.

Jess said...

Seriously, you guys should do tv. That's amazing!! Someday in 40-50 years when we buy a house I am totally hiring you as my decorator. Love and miss you!!

Dave and Lindsey said...

Thank you for FINALLY posting pictures of your house. It looks SO good. Can you come over and help me with decorating? I really like the rod iron staircase, I hope you keep it. Your dogs are cute too :)

Dave and Lindsey said...

Thank you for FINALLY posting pictures of your house. It looks SO good. Can you come over and help me with decorating? I really like the rod iron staircase, I hope you keep it. Your dogs are cute too :)

Anna said...

holy smokes! i love seeing the before shots contrasted with the after - so fun! and can i add that seeing it in person it looks even better than it does in these pictures [and i'm assuming that the "before" looked even worse than the pics, hehe].

a. said...

Thanks, everyone. We are happy with our results. Now...come visit!

The Ringer Family said...

I was wondering as I scrolled through your pics why in the world I didn't see your house around Christmas time then I remember I was 1 week away from my due date, duh! But it looked so darn cute all Christmased up!

Anonymous said...

I love your house. It is beautiful. i think your dogs love it too. I love the Christmas decorations too. love Vickie

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