::postcard:: BON VOYAGE!

Just a quick good luck and best wishes to my big bro, :s: and his family, who are headed out to the land of the unknown...they've spent the last six weeks buying, packing, moving, packing, listing, buying, packing, storing, shipping, selling, and itemizing everything they owned, or needed to own in the next three years, in preparation for their move to Nigeria. They're headed over there for :s:' job. I got to talk with each of them yesterday while they were in the (BIG) TX airport, exhausted and ready to fly out...

I asked :r: what she knew about Nigeria.

:r: umm, there's lots of dis-eeeeeases over there.
me: oh, so did you have to get lots of shots?
:r: no, we're in the airport right now.
me: oh, but, before? did you already have to get shots so you won't get sick?
:r: yes, but you can still get the dis-eeeeeeases.

So good luck, have fun in London on your way, and stay away from dis-eeeases! I love you guys!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, its Dad. This is my first comment . . . I enjoyed reading your conversation with Rachel. I wasn't sure in the beginning who "r" was, but it was soon apparent.

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