::home:: the perfect houseguest

  • Loves on dogs that need love
  • Stays a while
  • Wakes up later than you so you don’t have to “plan the shower”
  • Gives community theater it’s kudos
  • Doesn’t mind a little tiny bed space
  • Recommends good movies (still working on ‘kinky boots’. ‘kooky boots’?)
  • Doesn’t get bored, no matter how boring we are
  • Bring her own food (but really NOT necessary!)

    It was great to have you here! Come back anytime!


::postcard:: Happy Birthday, Wrigley (& Chad)!

Alison didn’t want to write a big, crazy sappy love note on this blog where everyone can see, so she asked me to. So Happy Birthday. I love you both lots. Thanks for everything you do to take care of me. Thanks for pre-tecting me when big dogs come around and we don’t know what their intentions are. Thanks for listening to me whine when I’m just not satisfied about something. Thanks for working hard on our house to make sure that it's just perfect for a puppy like me. Thanks for paying attention to me when I just need a little ‘hode-ing’. But mostly, thanks for just loving me. You're the best friends a puppy could ever ask for.

Love, Nyabo (& Alison)


::postcard:: BON VOYAGE!

Just a quick good luck and best wishes to my big bro, :s: and his family, who are headed out to the land of the unknown...they've spent the last six weeks buying, packing, moving, packing, listing, buying, packing, storing, shipping, selling, and itemizing everything they owned, or needed to own in the next three years, in preparation for their move to Nigeria. They're headed over there for :s:' job. I got to talk with each of them yesterday while they were in the (BIG) TX airport, exhausted and ready to fly out...

I asked :r: what she knew about Nigeria.

:r: umm, there's lots of dis-eeeeeases over there.
me: oh, so did you have to get lots of shots?
:r: no, we're in the airport right now.
me: oh, but, before? did you already have to get shots so you won't get sick?
:r: yes, but you can still get the dis-eeeeeeases.

So good luck, have fun in London on your way, and stay away from dis-eeeases! I love you guys!



How would you like to have one of these bad mamba jambas parked in front of your house? This is not a joke. It IS the Aptera, a fuel-efficient vehicle that will be sold next year. Chad saw it on CNN this morning and passed it along to me. They've gone a little crazy and taken 'aerodynamic' to the next level. Instead of rearview mirrors, they have cameras. It only seats two, but this is the best part: 230 MPGs, baby! With our 80 mile commute every day, we figure we're paying around $15-16 dollars per day, just to get up to work. With this bad boy, we'll be paying less than $8 PER WEEK and still have extra gas for around-townin'... So don't be surprised if you see this cruisin' around soon. VW is also selling a 230 mpg vehicle in 2010...same idea, but the two seats in that one are behind each other (like a little airplane on the road.) Meet George Jetson....his wife Judy.
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