This weeekend, we made the gas guzzling drive up to Logan (don't even get me started on gas prices! we will post more later on our {read: CHAD's} ideas on how to fight rising gas prices). Anyway, we went up to hang out with Jenny, Casey & the 2 babes and to see a friend of mine. Babe #1, Brendan, has more energy alone than the other 5 of us that were in the house! And Babe #2, little June, is the happiest baby ever, even when the commotion is going on right next to her head.

Chad made a wooden sword for Brendan that he hand delivered this weekend, but after they had several "sword" fights, and watched "Nernia 2," Chad realized that Brendan was missing a SHIELD! Of course, no good sword fighter can win without a shield! (Unless you're directing the entire fight as you go. But I digress.)

Anyway, it was a fun weekend. Thanks for the fun picnic, the entertaining sword fights, the delicious poffertjes (kudos to Casey!!!), the massive amounts of food at Bluebird, games of 'Don't Know' and letting us hold sweet baby junie all weekend. The only thing missing was Papa John's...but don't worry, we'll take care of that down here. We're excited to play with you in our neck of the woods this week!

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The Ringer Family said...

cut pics Alison! We're excited to get to spend 1 more week with you down here!

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