Across the Universe - I've Just Seen a Fac

...so we watched "Across the Universe" this last weekend. engh...it was okay. the trippy scene was too long and not to my liking. but THIS scene was my favorite. even Chad, who is NOT into musicals, enjoyed it. so while i may not recommend the movie, i HIGHLY recommend watching this clip over and over and over. this song is currently into my top favorites ...Enjoy! (scroll down and pause our blog music before playing the clip. it will be more enjoyable that way)

*edit: ...apparently, I somehow deleted this clip! Click HERE to see it.


blackstarmonkey said...

you are right...i love this clip too! and that little hum smile.... :)!

Balagna Bunch said...

Okay, if that is the best part of the movie, we won't be watching it:)

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