::postcard:: FOR JESSI

Last weekend while we were up in Logan, I got to spend some time with MY "funnest" *wink* friend who now lives far, far, far away. We met while we were in college and lived in some of the scuzziest apartments ever....the stories we could tell. Anyway, our Girl-Talk-Time was time well-spent and deeply missed. It was great to see you, Jessi, and Joseph and your little sweets... It better not be another year and a half until next time....Ill send you the pics soon....!

AND Happy Anniversary...did you EVER think our lives would turn out this way!?! Love you!


Fuel from French Fries

Alison keeps setting me up to post things on here. Nice job, Hun. Anyway...I always have wierd ideas running through my head. I tend to latch on to and become passionate (some would call it obsessive) about them. I would argue that this is a good thing. It keeps me learning new things and trying new ideas. The downside is that poor Alison is forced to listen to these ideas over and over again.

So here is the latest. As most of you know, we commute to work about 80 miles round trip. Despite Alison's insistance that her Honda will last forever I am skeptical. I have been doing a little bit of research into converting a diesel truck into a vegetable oil truck. This pretty much involves pumping used oil from dumpsters into a filtration system in the garage, and then using it in place of diesel fuel. A conversion kit costs about $1000. Another $500 or so would be used for tanks, pumps, and filters bringing the grand total to about $1500. That being said, it would cost us about 45 cents per gallon to run the vehicle. The miles per gallon, power, and torque remain the same, the big difference is the sweet smell of french fries for those following to closely behind you. Whether or not this actually becomes a reality, only time will tell. With the high cost of diesel fuel, trucks are dirt cheap. (Alison likes cheap!)



This weeekend, we made the gas guzzling drive up to Logan (don't even get me started on gas prices! we will post more later on our {read: CHAD's} ideas on how to fight rising gas prices). Anyway, we went up to hang out with Jenny, Casey & the 2 babes and to see a friend of mine. Babe #1, Brendan, has more energy alone than the other 5 of us that were in the house! And Babe #2, little June, is the happiest baby ever, even when the commotion is going on right next to her head.

Chad made a wooden sword for Brendan that he hand delivered this weekend, but after they had several "sword" fights, and watched "Nernia 2," Chad realized that Brendan was missing a SHIELD! Of course, no good sword fighter can win without a shield! (Unless you're directing the entire fight as you go. But I digress.)

Anyway, it was a fun weekend. Thanks for the fun picnic, the entertaining sword fights, the delicious poffertjes (kudos to Casey!!!), the massive amounts of food at Bluebird, games of 'Don't Know' and letting us hold sweet baby junie all weekend. The only thing missing was Papa John's...but don't worry, we'll take care of that down here. We're excited to play with you in our neck of the woods this week!

::postcard:: WE ARE NOT PREGNANT.

Not to be melodramatic, but just thought we would make it clear since there seems to be a miniature baby boom in the family. Congrats to everyone who IS expecting, though!



...so the title of our blogs includes our 2 dogs, but they have not, yet, made an appearance. on our way back from California, my good friend, Anna, took a couple of shots. the puppies did not want to cooperate, but they still look cute. if only we could get a picture of nyabo's shakes...

Chad... A couple of weeks ago there was a fundraiser for a local no-kill shelter. They were sponsoring a day in the park with competitions for dogs. One of the events was the "fastest tail in the west." Unfortunately, we were not able to attend. Nyabo would have won for sure (of course she might have been disqualified because she shakes her whole body and not just her tail).


::postcard:: To our good friend DAWN

Well, you dunnit! Congratulations! I'm not sure when in these 3 days of festivities you get it, but you are an actual official, real life DOCTOR! (don't think about those next five years, yet) Congratulations! We wish we could be out in Oh-My-Ha celebrating with you, but we're thinking about you...can't wait to see you soon!
ps...somehow i think you may enjoy the clip below...

Across the Universe - I've Just Seen a Fac

...so we watched "Across the Universe" this last weekend. engh...it was okay. the trippy scene was too long and not to my liking. but THIS scene was my favorite. even Chad, who is NOT into musicals, enjoyed it. so while i may not recommend the movie, i HIGHLY recommend watching this clip over and over and over. this song is currently into my top favorites ...Enjoy! (scroll down and pause our blog music before playing the clip. it will be more enjoyable that way)

*edit: ...apparently, I somehow deleted this clip! Click HERE to see it.



Just like a fine wine (so I have been told) things just get better with time. Case in point. Check out how cute my honey is. We have been married for two and a half years and it just keeps getting better. It was kind of rough start at the beginning, but we are starting to get the hang of things now. Love you, Babe.


::postcard:: congratulations, Dr. Ryan!

Chad's brother, Ryan, just came back out to Poor-vo to defend his dissertation yesterday. The news is official...he's gonna be a DOCTOR! Congratulations! We're so excited for you! After all your hard work, the payoff is coming! We love you guys!
Love, Chad & Alison


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you have the greatest birthday of your life today! You're my best friend and I feel so lucky that you're my sister, too. I love you and I can't wait till we can hang out again...Have fun at Disneyland!

Love, Alison

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