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Well, nearly one year later, we finally have some Before & After pictures of our house…starting with the kitchen...! We started demolition there but got so excited to fix things up that we attacked the entire house at once. There are still small things that we need to finish, but here’s the gist of it:

Things We Did:
Obviously, we painted. Everything! (Thanks, Barb & Lindsay)
New sink & counters
New fridge & stove
All new lighting. (Thanks, Bud!)
Opened up the ceiling (you can’t really see it…before there was recessed fluorescent with those ugly floppy plastic things. You can see a little of the new trim in front of the built in cupboards.)
Plastered over the cinder block wall (behind fridge & stove)

Things We Still Need to Do:
Cupboards. This is still undetermined. We have the doors and they’re almost finished with the off-white paint, but I really like it without doors. We’ve also talked about putting up some colored linen curtains so we can hide some things. Regardless, the large built-in WILL have doors on the bottom and will NOT have doors on top. What’s your vote?
Baseboards still need to be put in.
We’re still missing some receptacles.
The door to the bathroom is still the original ugly brown. We need to paint it. Ugh. (You can see it behind the fridge.)


The Ringer Family said...

Well I'm more than happy to give MY vote:) I think it would look nice if you put the cupboards back up but maybe put glass in some of 'em and/or put material like you said, but put it behind cupboard door frame - does that make sense?

Ryan said...

Amazing before and afters. Y'all should work for Extreme Makeover Home Edition. It looks great.

Dave and Lindsey said...

What a posh house! Can I come stay sometime? I still want to see the living area with the flat screen and Pier 1 furniture. The kitchen looks so nice. I especially like the tiled countertop.

Dave and Lindsey said...

Oh, I vote for cupboard doors on most of the top cupboards, leaving the dish cupboards without doors.

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