I have decided that I really suck at keeping up on this blog. As many of you probably already know, Alison is the creative one in this relationship. She does not go anywhere without her camera, and has been quietly encouraging me to post more things here. Alison will have to post the picture later, but I will tell you about one of our adventures this past week.

I have wanted a motorcycle since before Alison and I got married. It seems that everytime we are in a position to start thinking about it, some big expense comes up. On our way home from work the other day, Alison mentioned seeing something about a scooter dealer in town. I decided to seize the moment and pulled into the dealership to check it out. We found a couple that we liked and asked the salesman if we could take it for a ride. Unfortunately, the battery in the one we liked was dead so the salesman told us he would grab another one. Alison and I kept looking at scooters until we heard the whine of the little engine coming toward us. We turned around and saw the salesman bringing us a PINK yes PINK scooter.

I must admit, I was ready to turn around and leave, but Alison assured me it would be alright. So for the next twenty minutes, Alison 5'11" tall and I 6'2" tall drove around town on a 150 c.c. PINK scooter. The best part for me was having the Harley guys wave at us as they passed. Despite my encouragement, we have not bought a scooter or motorcycle (yet). But I assure you when we do it will not be PINK.


Ryan said...

That was great. Cam and I laughed multiple times reading it. We got a nice visual of you two zoomin' the Boulevard.

Ryan said...

Whew, that picture was so worth the wait.

The Ringer Family said...

hahahahaaa. whay more can I say?

a. said...

...mom asked me why you were looking the other way...I think she's implying that you're embarassed of the pink. :)

Laura said...

I found your blog by Googling "pink scooter." Unlike you, I actually WANT a pink scooter. Could you tell me what brand/make/model (whatever) this is?


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