::wandering:: meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Jaynie, Kim and Annie from Skutumpah (?) Road

Easter weekend we went out to the cabin to celebrate my good friend Kim's THIRTIETH birthday! We went out to Kodachrome State Park and finally got to drive the road that drives by the Cockscombs. Cool, but we'd heard so much about it that it was a little less exciting than we'd anticipated. We ate a lot of good food (nice call on the pineapple!), went on some good little hikes, made up some scary stories, (yeah, sorry, kim, totally made up my story! :), and had a lot of fun. All in all, another good weekend at the cabin... Thanks to Bud & Barb, and Happy Birthday, Kim! We hope you had a good birthday!!!

a. and c. at the "Indian Caves" at Kodachrome (with Nyabo)

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