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Andrea, Dawn, Alison, and Anna at sushi

So this past weekend, Chad and I both headed to the Great North. That would be the Salt Lake metropolitan area. I know, I know. Sooo very metropolitan. Stop snickering, big city snobs.

My good friend, Dawn (very nearly DR. Dawn!), was in town from Omaha during a break from med school. So Chad dropped me off in Highland where I got to meet up with some of my old college girlfriends. He continued on north to see his sister up in Logan and her family...

Anyway, it was was sooooo fun to see folks together again! I loved seeing you guys. The four of us started off as such different personalities and it's funny to see how much we've all morphed (and still stayed the same!) until we're (if it's possible) even more different.

So I stayed up there for a couple of days and then Dawn and I headed down south (to more enjoyable climate) and stayed with us here until Wednesday...the perfect houseguest, very willing to hunker down in a little tiny cleared out spot and complete with her own bowl! Can't wait to see you again soon!

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Jess said...

Ya'll suck. and i say that in the most loving way i can muster.

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