I have decided that I really suck at keeping up on this blog. As many of you probably already know, Alison is the creative one in this relationship. She does not go anywhere without her camera, and has been quietly encouraging me to post more things here. Alison will have to post the picture later, but I will tell you about one of our adventures this past week.

I have wanted a motorcycle since before Alison and I got married. It seems that everytime we are in a position to start thinking about it, some big expense comes up. On our way home from work the other day, Alison mentioned seeing something about a scooter dealer in town. I decided to seize the moment and pulled into the dealership to check it out. We found a couple that we liked and asked the salesman if we could take it for a ride. Unfortunately, the battery in the one we liked was dead so the salesman told us he would grab another one. Alison and I kept looking at scooters until we heard the whine of the little engine coming toward us. We turned around and saw the salesman bringing us a PINK yes PINK scooter.

I must admit, I was ready to turn around and leave, but Alison assured me it would be alright. So for the next twenty minutes, Alison 5'11" tall and I 6'2" tall drove around town on a 150 c.c. PINK scooter. The best part for me was having the Harley guys wave at us as they passed. Despite my encouragement, we have not bought a scooter or motorcycle (yet). But I assure you when we do it will not be PINK.


Secondhand Serenade - Your Call

i love you, chad. no matter what.


::home:: paint and mayhem

A couple of years ago Ryan, Casey, and I were hanging out at Mom and Dad's house. We were trying to think of something to do when someone suggested calling a neighbor who owned several paintball guns. The neighbors were not around so somehow the three of us decided to buy our own guns. After an hour or two of online research, Casey, Ryan, and I headed to town. Since that day, paintball has been a central theme of our time together. It has become somewhat of an obsession. Longer barrels, larger air tanks, and studying tactics and strategies are a few of the ways we have spent time and money. This last week I had a chance to put my skills to the test in a paintball game for work. So as Ryan and Casey's guns collect dust in our matching team bags (free with the purchase of way too many paintballs), I am improving my guerrilla tactics for our next encounter.



you might ask. well, I'll tell you. my good friend, anna, was talking about this AMAZING photography workshop that she wanted to attend, just north of LA, by this AMAZING photographer, jose villa (http://www.josevilla.com/). anyway, long story short, i went with. and i was so completely out of my league, but it was still such an incredible opportunity. the best part was the end of the day when jose took us out for two on-location photo shoots with 3 gorgeous models. and here, folks, are my favorites.


  • Don’t miss the 210! It adds at LEAST an hour!
  • Lynetta and husband Jon are THE PERFECT hosts
  • Trader Joe’s Trader Ming marinade is AWESOME!
  • A barrier pillow can be a good thing.
  • Val Kilmer is cuter in real life because he sits on the beach and watches thru binoculars as his son surfs
  • Jose Villa is every bit as charming and warm as his photographs…more later!
  • I miss my crazy like crazy when we’re apart
  • I wanna rent a beach house and stay for a week. Who’s in?


::home:: KITCHEN

Well, nearly one year later, we finally have some Before & After pictures of our house…starting with the kitchen...! We started demolition there but got so excited to fix things up that we attacked the entire house at once. There are still small things that we need to finish, but here’s the gist of it:

Things We Did:
Obviously, we painted. Everything! (Thanks, Barb & Lindsay)
New sink & counters
New fridge & stove
All new lighting. (Thanks, Bud!)
Opened up the ceiling (you can’t really see it…before there was recessed fluorescent with those ugly floppy plastic things. You can see a little of the new trim in front of the built in cupboards.)
Plastered over the cinder block wall (behind fridge & stove)

Things We Still Need to Do:
Cupboards. This is still undetermined. We have the doors and they’re almost finished with the off-white paint, but I really like it without doors. We’ve also talked about putting up some colored linen curtains so we can hide some things. Regardless, the large built-in WILL have doors on the bottom and will NOT have doors on top. What’s your vote?
Baseboards still need to be put in.
We’re still missing some receptacles.
The door to the bathroom is still the original ugly brown. We need to paint it. Ugh. (You can see it behind the fridge.)



::wandering:: to my dude

"Missing You In California"


::wandering::and reconnecting

Andrea, Dawn, Alison, and Anna at sushi

So this past weekend, Chad and I both headed to the Great North. That would be the Salt Lake metropolitan area. I know, I know. Sooo very metropolitan. Stop snickering, big city snobs.

My good friend, Dawn (very nearly DR. Dawn!), was in town from Omaha during a break from med school. So Chad dropped me off in Highland where I got to meet up with some of my old college girlfriends. He continued on north to see his sister up in Logan and her family...

Anyway, it was was sooooo fun to see folks together again! I loved seeing you guys. The four of us started off as such different personalities and it's funny to see how much we've all morphed (and still stayed the same!) until we're (if it's possible) even more different.

So I stayed up there for a couple of days and then Dawn and I headed down south (to more enjoyable climate) and stayed with us here until Wednesday...the perfect houseguest, very willing to hunker down in a little tiny cleared out spot and complete with her own bowl! Can't wait to see you again soon!


::wandering:: meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Jaynie, Kim and Annie from Skutumpah (?) Road

Easter weekend we went out to the cabin to celebrate my good friend Kim's THIRTIETH birthday! We went out to Kodachrome State Park and finally got to drive the road that drives by the Cockscombs. Cool, but we'd heard so much about it that it was a little less exciting than we'd anticipated. We ate a lot of good food (nice call on the pineapple!), went on some good little hikes, made up some scary stories, (yeah, sorry, kim, totally made up my story! :), and had a lot of fun. All in all, another good weekend at the cabin... Thanks to Bud & Barb, and Happy Birthday, Kim! We hope you had a good birthday!!!

a. and c. at the "Indian Caves" at Kodachrome (with Nyabo)
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