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It looks like we are going to try the Blog thing again. Hopefully this time it will pan out. The most exciting thing to report is that I recently completed a weekend course in Blacksmithing...believe it our not, it is more than just making horseshoes. I can't believe how much fun it is. My work has a blacksmith shop, but it has not been in use for quite some time. I am hoping to remedy that. So Alison and I went to Albuquerque a couple weekends ago. Alison hung out with her family while I learned a few basics of bending metal. I was suprised at how much really goes into it. I got to come home with a few items I made and I am really excited to get more into it. I am even trying to convince Alison to buy me a gas forge for my garage. I will keep you posted on how that goes. I have a couple of pictures of that stuff I made that I will post later.


::home:: lemon surprise

...so two weekends ago, we got to go to abq because chad was taking that blacksmith class...everytime we go, i copy down a ton of recipes from mom's enormous recipe LIBRARY! (i'm not kidding...i actually didn't know how many recipe books she had until this trip. whew.) this is a dessert that she made while we were there. i call it "oh-so-good-i-keep-thinking-about-it-desert". if you like lemon, try it out. chad and i were both BIG fans...



I was looking at other blogs and I got this idea from someone, but I can't remember who. So I'm sorry if that's plagiarism. And I'm sorry if I spelled plagiarism wrong. But here is some insight into our little lives.

1. What are your names?
well, one of us is Alison and one of us is Chad. most common nicknames for both of us are 'honey' or 'crazy'. (i think the only exclusive nickname is mine: "leaky ojos") ...also, very commonly heard is 'bununny'. i'm unclear on that spelling also (and i actually am a pretty good speller, even though in ten lines of one post i've questioned two words. if bununny counts as a word.) 'bununny' is a very weird morph on 'honey', possibly on 'honey bunny'. we are unclear as to who created this nickname, although we both claim it on occasion. we also use a combination of 'honey bunnuny'

In case you're uncertain, it's pronounced "buh-nuh-nee"

2. How long have you been married?
We've been married 2 years and 3 months on st. patty's day

3. How did you meet?
We were both working at a wilderness therapy program down in southern utah. we worked an eight day shift together. it was love at first sight! sort of. he thought my hair looked a little crazy and was intrigued. i thought he was into me.

4. How long did you date?
ummm, that's a loaded questions. family and long-time friends know why. let's just say we dated off and on. and off and on. and off and...you get the point. time of meeting to time of marriage = four and a half years. we finally settled for sure on each other in april of 2005, eight months before we got married

5. Who eats more?
chad. although i've given him a run for his money...

6. Who said 'i love you' first?
chad. scared me to death. we were making out and it immediately sent me into panic mode. but don't worry, i played it cool and hid it well. (later i found out i did not hide it well.) after i thought about it, i realized i did, too. and i told him while we kissed at night in the woods while chad was sneaking his group over to see my group.

7. Who sings better?
ha. neither of us will claim this one. chad sings quiet and i sing loud. but better? no telling.

8. Who is taller?
chad, though i often debate this. in the mirror, it is true...chad is 6'2''...i stand about 5'11 and a half''. but when we're looking eye to eye, i'm always afraid i'm suddenly as tall if not taller. old fears come back to haunt.

9. Whose temper is worse?
we each have our moments. ugh...how horrible. mine is probably worse. ugh. i'm sorry, bununny.

10. Who does the laundry?
i do. he has told me that he doesn't think it's my job, but that by the time he thinks about it, i've already done it. i am kind of a "clean" non- "freak".

11. Who does the dishes?
this question is likely to stir up an argument. i think i do them for the most part, but chad helps out a lot. i just hate dishes and wish i never had to do them. but, as chad is quick to point out, i don't like to use the dishwasher. so i guess it's my own fault.

12. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?
what a weird question. what side is the right side? when you're laying in it or looking at it? no matter...chad always sleeps on whichever side is closest the door. in case a robber comes in and he has to pre-tect me. what a gentleman!

13. Who does the cooking?
i do. chad comes in and helps out sometimes, though, and is happy to. mostly, though, he tries to just stay out of my zone.

14. Who is more stubborn?
sadly, again, it's probably me. unfortunately, i am probably one of the most stubborn people you will ever meet. sorry again, honey. i'm trying.

15. Who proposed?
ha! no one. chad sort of slipped a ring on my finger while we were holding hands so that i didn't even feel it. he asked me how much i loved him. i told him a million. he said, 'so does that mean if i give you this, you'll say yes?' i didn't even really know what he was talking about. but i still said yes!

16. Whose parents do you see the most?

17. Who pays the bills?
me. although we're constantly setting new goals to do it together. doesn't really happen. but we do meet (we shoot for once/month) to review finances and plan.

18. What do you like to do?
everything! we both love the outdoors...

chad does more. hiking, biking, starting last year he's really gotten into canyoneering. he loves 'tinkering' and building stuff. recently, he and a friend built a big bed from nothing. he just took a blacksmith class, so he's starting to really get excited about that...we'll show you some of his 'art' that he created later!

i'm really getting into cooking and have co-founded a little recipe club with my sister. i'm trying to learn more about photoshop and spend a lot of time on that, especially little announcement cards for babies... i also spend a lot of time cleaning. it's not a hobby, but i just love a clean house/area/room.

we've both been occupied this last year with working on fixing up our house...chad gets to tinker and build and i've gotten to do a little decorating. we both love taking the puppies out for walks when we get home from work, and cuddling with each other. we want to take a yoga class together (but we've said that forever) and maybe a pottery class.

19. Who wears the pants in the family?
i think he does. he thinks i do. neither of us knows what this means.

20. Why do you love each other?
i can only answer for me: because he makes me happy! i love all of the millions of hours we get to spend together, even when we just do the lame stuff. love you, crazy!

::home:: welcome.

We started a blog a long time ago. I think actually we each started a blog...independently of each other. Then neither of those blogs were ever updated again. And we lost the passwords. And we forgot the addresses. So those blogs have gone the way of blogheaven. Farewell.

And welcome to the new blog. Hopefully this will not be the only post. Because if it is, all of the other blogs in blogheaven will make fun of its pathetic-ness. But we will try to update it with fun and exciting and useful information that will wow people. Or maybe we will start small and just try to update it.
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